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What if every completed mile with your classic had a positive impact on CO2 ?

  • We have developed packages for classic car enthusiasts for voluntary CO2 emission compensation where every completed mile is 250% positively compensated in terms of CO2 emissions;

  • For rally organisations we have developed a simple model to organize CO2 neutral automotive events;

  • Doing so, we are convinced – regardless their limited impact to the overall environmental impact – that recreational driving a classic car or a youngtimer is and will remain politically and socially acceptable. 


How do we organise the compensation?

  • Through reforestation of empty ground

  • We do this together with “Graine de Vie”, a non-profit organization that plants trees in Madagascar.


Why Madagascar? 

  • CO2 emission is a global issue;

  • Planting trees in Madagascar is economically the most efficient way to compensate CO2 (most CO2 compensation per Euro);

  • Deforestation in the South is directly linked to the industrial activities in the North; within this context is seems justified to provide also less privileged regions through this initiative


Is local compensation an option?

  • Yes, we are also analyzing the options for organizations that prefer to work on local reforestation projects. This is the case with natuurpunt.be or natagora in Belgium.