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Green Classic Heritage is a non-profit organisation that stand for a positive future of the automotive heritage because classic cars are part of our history, have an economical value and are beautiful and fun to drive. And taking into account the impact on the environment.

The regulatory constraints on the use of historical vehicles become heavier by the day.

Socially speaking, the general public is still very supportive and loves classic cars. But for how long ? The real danger is that no difference is made between classic cars and obsolete ones that are sometimes used only for fiscal reasons.

We think this evolution is a real danger for our passion, for the classic cars lovers and for the whole sector because it is a risk on thousands local jobs.

On the other hand, we are fully conscious that we need to do our part in the energy transition and that classic cars have a role to play in this evolution, provided there is a positive framework put in place.

Green Classic Heritage has two objectives :

  • protect the classic cars heritage

  • protect the environment


and proposes to work on 4 streams :

  • overcompensate the CO2 emissions of classic cars and youngtimers (we compensate 250% by planting trees)

  • create a strong buy-in for the use of classic cars and youngtimers thanks to a shared vision by all stakeholders

  • be active lobbying in favour of the non-profit's objectives

  • promote the R&D linked to enhancement of motors and fuels to reduce emissions

Our partners who compensate with Green Classic Heritage